Worldwork Theory

Process work includes an approach to group facilitation called Worldwork. It a complex and sometimes intense style, which can prove...

A snapshot of a Process-oriented approach

A cute video introducing the notion of differing aspects of our psychology - this and that, Yin & Yang.

An introduction to Process Oriented Psychology

Sourced from the Process Institute in Zurich, this is a great introduction to the way Process Oriented Psychology has...

Sex as a jam session – Educational video by Karen Chan

Sex Jam - Great video shifting our relationship with sexual exploration

Sex Positive Counselling

Article on Sexuality published in Counselling Australia Spring 2017

Mindfulness Meditation by Kim Gotlieb

Guided Meditation on Mindfulness - by Kim Gotlieb

Breathing: a Rumi Poem

There is a way of breathing That's a shame and a suffocation And there's another way of expiring, A love...

Indigenous Male Fertility Rites

  There is an African tribe which has a ritual where in which the men gather in sacred ritual space...
meditation animation

A short animation about mindfulness

Dynamics of Intimate Engagement : Relating, Trance & Role

          “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.”  - Helen Keller Relating, Trance and Role are...

Sexuality as Social Research

Thanks for Chris for inviting me to speak today. My subject is  Sexuality as Social Research Imagine your next pick-up...

Finding our way home: the purpose of therapy

“I believe that we are each working towards unfolding our truth, moving towards a deeper connection with our essence: either...

5 Obstacles to Erotic Vitality for Men

1. Religious Repressive Sex-Negative Culture Roman & Greek cultures were significantly more sex-positive and erotically expressive than the Judeo-Christian culture...