Philosophical Underpinning

Breathing: a Rumi Poem

There is a way of breathing That’s a shame and a suffocation And there’s another way of expiring, A love breath, That lets you open infintely. Rumi Taking time to deepen the breath, is a wonderful way to stay connected to the physical body and the present moment – a momentary reprive from the thinking…

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Sexuality as Social Research

Thanks for Chris for inviting me to speak today. My subject is  Sexuality as Social Research Imagine your next pick-up line being, “I have some homework from my university course. Would you be willing to help me with some ‘social research’?”…or slowing down your more habitual sex practice to ask,”So what happens if I apply…

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Finding our way home: the purpose of therapy

“I believe that we are each working towards unfolding our truth, moving towards a deeper connection with our essence: either slowly or fast, through conflict or meditation, through illness or relationship, or whatever presents itself in our lives.These are the tools for our transformation. Quantum Physics shows us in “field theory” that everything is much…

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