Indigenous Male Fertility Rites

  There is an African tribe which has a ritual where in which the men gather in sacred ritual space and dry hump the earth and masturbate as a group. It is a fertility rite, which links them both as an erotic brotherhood and connects their erotic lives with the rhythms of nature. Regrettably much…

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Sexuality as Social Research

Thanks for Chris for inviting me to speak today. My subject is  Sexuality as Social Research Imagine your next pick-up line being, “I have some homework from my university course. Would you be willing to help me with some ‘social research’?”…or slowing down your more habitual sex practice to ask,”So what happens if I apply…

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5 Obstacles to Erotic Vitality for Men

1. Religious Repressive Sex-Negative Culture Roman & Greek cultures were significantly more sex-positive and erotically expressive than the Judeo-Christian culture in which we have been immersed. Whether you believe in these moral principles or have found an alternative narrative, they remain a cornerstone of our identity. It is important for each of us to explore…

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