The Approach

“Increased Awareness Leads to Better Choices”

I like to create a relaxed, informal and creative setting, in which we are working together, to bring insight and meaning to the challenges of the day. My approach is client-centred, providing a safe and supportive culture that makes space for whatever is meaningful in the unfolding process.

I value the inate wisdom and humanity of my clients, including somatic information stored at the visceral level of the body.

Behind all of our experiences are “dreaming processes”, which may be just a little outside our awareness. When skillfully unfolded, they can reveal an expanded perspective, which leads to more satisfaction and fulfilment in our lives. These can be consolidated with lifeskills and practices that provide ongoing support  beyond the therapeutic experience. A nurturing environment, making space for expression across the range of emotions.

I often use Mindfulness practice to support an engaged relationship with the body and the present moment. Mindfulness Meditation

The therapeutic relationship itself is a dynamic tool of self-discovery, providing a crucible of possibility to explore matters of the heart, trust, fear, surrender, joy & ectasy - as well as all the limitations, barriers and resistance which may be wrestled with or massaged into alignment with the best of all possible worlds.

My intention is to assist clients in moving toward feeling good about who you are, as well as strengthening your sense of place and value in the world.

While this approach can be applied to most areas of interest or concern, I have significant experience dealing with the following:

Specialist Areas:  see menu for further information






Gay & Gender

Life Coaching


Initial Session

Some clients prefer to meet before commencing our work to introduce one another and frame the prospective area of work. You can develop an understanding of the nature of my work and personal style. I can learn more about what brought you and how I may be able to assist. We can explore possibilities and develop a sense of where to from here.

Ongoing sessions : Short or Long term

I generally work in 10 session blocks. We will discuss the level of attention placed on specific goals and outcomes. Coaching has a significantly shorter timeframe for results, than a psychotherapeutic approach. This work calls for a considerable investment of time, money and effort and I believe both client and therapist have a responsibility for movement towards difference-making outcomes.


Not a required aspect of my practise. However, I believe that we are working together as a team, and there are many opportunities for you to maximise the benefit of our work. These may include applying various strategies during the period between sessions. This can range from journalling, exercise and meditation, to simply holding a thought or perspective in your consciousness. Sometimes it is useful to track behaviours or tendencies as they arise in your day-to-day awareness.

Email Support

I generally maintain some measure of email support, during our work together.

Online skype or phone sessions - national or international


  • Accessing my specialist expertese from anywhere in the world.
  • Making this work available to people living in isolated regions.
  • Addressing issues which may feel more comfortable in a more detached and/or confidential context.
  • Maintaining continuity for clients who travel frequently.



“Kim has an engaging style that helped me to learn more about myself and how to change stuff that was tricky” - John, 26
“He seemed to make the most complicated situations, seem to have a simple message that I could take home and apply in my every-day life.” - Steven, 42

“I immediately felt a sense of calm, that made it easy to talk about whatever.”
- Stephanie, 30


“His work with sexuality and intimacy is definitely at the leading edge of anything that is around.” - Heath, 32


“I felt held by a big heart, and given the strength to stand up and be counted.” - Patricia, 63


“ It was great that we could develop some practical strategies to address my concerns. I think the homework was as important as our session times.” - Grant, 34

“ I felt like he was ‘real’, that he knew what I was talking about because he could also relate - unlike some therapists who seem a bit above it all.” - Jordan, 46


“If you want to make some changes, then Kim is your man. He has a sensitive and insightful mind, which can really shift the way you see things.” - Kathy, 51


“I was surprised how much fun we had. He has a disarming creative style that really makes a difference.” - James, 28

“What a relief to find someone I felt comfortable with, who seemed to understand me better than I know myself, and could give me the courage to make some changes.” - Malcolm, 56

Kim has a wealth of knowledge from lots of different areas, that he is very generous in sharing. Sometimes he will share a quote or an idea that absolutely hits the spot. - Dean, 40

I really appreciate the follow up emails. They strengthen the "take home" factor and  help me to integrate the work. Steven, 24

A free-flowing and natural style, while developing useful structures which have helped address my depression. Kim is kind and warm-hearted. It is a time to let go and reflect. - David, 38

Kim is  so insightful. He also manages to cut through the chatter to get to the core of the issue. In two words, he gave me such a valuable tool, that really helps.  - Steven, 45