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Counselling to address challenges of Covid culture or awaken possibilities…

There are two main reasons for considering counselling at this time. 1) Psychological concerns related to a range of situations: a) stress or overwhelm by information overload b) life changes like losing job, relationship,etc. c) loneliness due to self-isolating d) Relationship difficulties with partner,family members, children as well as a raft of other possible challenges…

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Worldwork Theory

Process work includes an approach to group facilitation called Worldwork. It a complex and sometimes intense style, which can prove transformative.

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Breathing: a Rumi Poem

There is a way of breathing That’s a shame and a suffocation And there’s another way of expiring, A love breath, That lets you open infintely. Rumi Taking time to deepen the breath, is a wonderful way to stay connected to the physical body and the present moment – a momentary reprive from the thinking…

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