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3 Approaches to Erotic Engagement: Relating, Trance, Role

Did you ever have the most amazing sex and then find your partner was disappointed because you just “went for it” and didn’t look at them? This can be the cause of tension,conflict and even break-up, when the real issue is the differing ways we are oriented regarding relationship. Relating, Trance and Role are the…

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Counselling to address challenges of Covid culture or awaken possibilities…

There are two main reasons for considering counselling at this time. 1) Psychological concerns related to a range of situations: a) stress or overwhelm by information overload b) life changes like losing job, relationship,etc. c) loneliness due to self-isolating d) Relationship difficulties with partner,family members, children as well as a raft of other possible challenges…

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Worldwork Theory

Process work includes an approach to group facilitation called Worldwork. It a complex and sometimes intense style, which can prove transformative.

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