Counselling to address challenges of Covid culture or awaken possibilities…

There are two main reasons for considering counselling at this time.
1) Psychological concerns related to a range of situations:
a) stress or overwhelm by information overload
b) life changes like losing job, relationship,etc.
c) loneliness due to self-isolating
d) Relationship difficulties with partner,family members, children
as well as a raft of other possible challenges you may be facing.

2) Guidance & Support
Realising that this Lockdown has also created a “Pause” in your life – providing an opportunity to retreat, reflect and review the patterns and behaviours that may have governed your life up until now. Engaging professional support to help unravel the significance of these times in useful, meaningful and sustaineable ways can prove invaluable.

“Insight and Awareness Leads to Better Choices and Outcomes”