Many years experience in a range of communal and organisational settings as well as in the context of family and work-based dispute, I have provided facilitation to support all parties develop greater awareness. Learning more about ourselves and how others perceive our ways of being can make a bigger difference to our ability to get along and move forward in any situation.

There are also factors completely outside our awareness which can become integrated into the fibre of our interactions, when we take time to come together with a willingness to engage skilled facilitation. Making space to unfold conflict, the unspoken, the taboo, the unrealised, can be highly beneficial – at the personal, organisation, communal, relational  and so many more aspects of our interactions in society.

Many issues are linked to aspects of power and marginalisation. There are strong theories, drawn from Process Work and Narrative Therapy that can be very relieving to all parties. This work favours no particular ideology, but rather values increased awareness, and a vision for a better world- more sustainable, more organic, more compassionate, more conscious and aware. Many strategies may be needed to secure these endeavours. However, the groundwork is in the foundations which can be established when there is an investment in Groupwork.