Finding our way home: the purpose of therapy

internal-headers-12“I believe that we are each working towards unfolding our truth, moving towards a deeper connection with our essence: either slowly or fast, through conflict or meditation, through illness or relationship, or whatever presents itself in our lives.These are the tools for our transformation. Quantum Physics shows us in “field theory” that everything is much more inter-connected than we might have imagined. Finding our way home, is the path from duality and polarised views and identities, to a sense of oneness. A necessary tool along the way, is a willingness to be uncomfortable from time to time. While we are bombarded with messages from the material world, there are deeper messages presenting themselves constantly. Our work is to hone our skills, our intuitions, our yearnings, our desires, in ways which are able to decipher the significance of these signs, symbols, synchronicities, dreams and insight. Further, we are called upon to reconcile how best to integrate them into our shifting relationship with self. Navigating this process can benefit from the mentoring, guidance, and wisdom of others.”