People with Disabilities : Differently-Abled

Differently-abled folk can face a range of issues or concerns in relation to their bodies and the ways they are able to express themselves erotically and sensuously.

NDIS Practitioner  approval - currently pending.

Providing a safe and supportive space to explore the landscape of your erotic self, as well as addressing whatever aspects may present challenges.

I have trained extensively in relation to power and marginallisation, which can help in strengthening self-esteem and confidence.

By working with techniques which value Embodiment and Presence, clients become more open to a range of satisfying and fulfilling aspect of Erotic Vitality.

Addressing our sexual nature from the perspective of sensation, opens up a wonderful palette of pleasure possibilities to explore, regardless of which aspects of the corporeal body are actually available to sensation.

“Don’t Dis my Ability” - Promotional Message