People with Disabilities : Differently-Abled

Supporting folk  with a range of  complex issues or concerns, linked to physical or mental health. Finding ways to maximise ability to exercise choice and personal agency in moving towards the goals that provide more satisfaction and fulfilment in daily life.

Registered NDIS Provider : 4050026578

Outcome Domain: Daily Living

Registration Group: Therapeutic Support Support Category: Daily Living Skills Item No. 15_043_0128_1_3

Innovative Community Participation
Mainstream services that promote inclusion of people with disability to expand opportunities for community participation and employment.
Skills Item No. 09_008_0116_6_3
Outcome Domain: Social & Community Participation
Registration Group: Innovative Community Participation
Support Category: Increased Social & Community Participation

Individual Counselling
Randwick, Surry Hills & CBD locations.

Spanning over 20 years experience in private practise in Sydney.
Randwick, Surry Hills & CBD clinics.
Informed by Process-oriented Psychotherapy as well as Narrative and a range of holistic, integrative and body-oriented approaches to wellness.

Specialist orientation:

Work best with folk addressing physical disability or more high functioning people on the autistic spectrum or other mental health issues.

  • Pursuing satisfaction and fulfilment in the context of physical and psychological challenges.
  • Supporting clients in developing and maintaining healthy supportive relationships.
  • Encouraging folk to explore where their passions and enthusiasm ignites, and how to express them more productively.
  • Dealing with emotions which may inhibit their sense of well-being - including anger, frustration, disappointment and sadness.
  • Where appropriate, providing a Sex Positive framework for clients to pursue fulfilment in this area of their lives.
  •  Working with people who have had negative experience from previous service provision, regarding their psychological and/or emotional wellbeing.
  •  Navigating complex needs both within the individual and in a cultural context. Insightful, Creative & Effective:

Insightful: I believe “the more awareness you have, the better choices you can make”.

Creative: Process work encourages a creative approach, exploring what is useful more than following prescribed pathways. While much of our work is dydactic, it can include drawing, movement and sound - providing information from less-habitual elements of communication than the more conventional “talking cure”. This approach can lead to excellent outcomes, particularly in dealing with clients with complex needs.

Effective: Client-centred in framing areas of focus, and ensuring the therapeutic alliance is maintained throughout. I work with a 10-session model, which allows for review of goals and outcomes. This can apply to both short and long-term clients.

Call me to discuss your clients’ needs and whether my experience and training is aligned to the pursuit of their chosen goals and intentions.

I have trained extensively in relation to power and marginallisation, which can help in strengthening self-esteem and confidence.


“Don’t Dis my Ability” - Promotional Message