A safe, supportive and sex-positive space for those who seek more possibilities. Open to all genders, sexual orientations, passions and curiosity.

Some face specific challenges which inhibit the ability to enjoy and explore intimacy with other(s). Interestingly, these processes often parallel other dynamics which play out in our relationship world. Moments of insight and resolution to can have a profound impact of our overall well-being.

Some are looking for a space to expand their relationship with the erotic aspect of themselves and the potential of sexual fulfilment and satisfaction.

Sex is a primal aspect of our identity, and yet our ability to learn and expand our erotic potential has few avenues for deepening, unfolding, healing and development.


  • More Satisfaction and Fulfilment
  • Developing Skillful Touch
  • Better Communication - Asking for what you want (and don’t want)
  • Opening to Conscious Kink
  • More engaged Emotional Intelligence
  • Strengthening self-pleasuring practise
  • Erotic Vitality


  • Impotence or Premature Ejaculation
  • Compulsive Behaviours - Apps, Pornography or
  • Sex Addiction
  • Lack of Sexual Appetite
  • Breaking Habitual Patterns
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem

My work is client-centred, so that you will always be in control of the content, pace and approach which may be recommended.

The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and grow.

We can focus on addressing specific issues, and/or pursue a more generalised desire to gain a greater sense of erotic vitality.

The work encourages clients to engage mind, body and spirit in the exploration of your erotic process. Find out more about your own experience, and develop practises which can access more of what you want.

We all operate from a culture infused with shame, judgments, folklore and other less-than-helpful beliefs and assumptions around sex.

  • How did we develop our relationship with our sexuality and the pursuit of satisfaction and fulfilment in this aspect of our humanity?
  • Where can we turn, when we notice challenges that call for attention?
  • What is normal?
  • Is there more to explore?

Sex is often described in terms of arousal with another leading to orgasm. Our work begins with our relationship with ourselves, and invites a connection with erotic vitality which is the source of deep sustained pleasure, which leads to fulfilment and satisfaction.

Guiding principles of this approach are “Presence and Embodiment”.

Beyond traditional therapeutic modalities, I value engaging the body in the process. This can include mindfulness techniques of Touch, Breathwork, Awareness, Sound & Movement, wi can transform your relationship with your body, your sexual identity and your erotic vitality.