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  MAppSci-Crit Psych GDSE CMACA

Life Coach            Psychotherapist        Sex Educator     

   ACA-Approved Supervisor

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Surry Hills & Randwick locations

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“Kim has an engaging style that helped me to learn more about myself and how to change stuff that was tricky”

John, 26

“He seemed to make the most complicated situations, seem to have a simple message that I could take home and apply in my every-day life.”

Steven, 42

“I immediately felt a sense of calm, that made it easy to talk about whatever.”

Stephanie, 30

“His work with sexuality and intimacy is definitely at the leading edge of anything that is around.”


Heath, 32

“I felt held by a big heart, and given the strength to stand up and be counted.”

Patricia, 63

“It was great that we could develop some practical strategies to address my concerns. I think the homework was as important as our session times.”

Grant, 34

“I felt like he was ‘real’, that he knew what I was talking about because he could also relate - unlike some therapists who seem a bit above it all.”

Jordan, 46

“I was surprised how much fun we had. He has a disarming creative style that really makes a difference.”

James, 28

“What a relief to find someone I felt comfortable with, who seemed to understand me better than I know myself, and could give me the courage to make some changes.”

Malcolm, 56

“If you want to make some changes, then Kim is your man. He has a sensitive and insightful mind, which can really shift the way you see things.”

Kathy, 51

He's a bit unconventional - but well worth it.

Adam, 28