Insight and awareness lead to better choices and outcomes


  MAppSci-Crit Psych GDSE CMACA

Psychotherapist   Counsellor


ACA-Approved Supervisor

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Surry Hills & Randwick locations

Online sessions available

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Specialist areas: 

Anxiety, Depression, Relationship, Sexuality, Men’s Issues, Spirituality, Gay & Gender, Life Coaching

Most people who arrive at this page are dealing with thoughts, beliefs or actions that limit your capacity to enjoy life and pursue goals.

Psychotherapy and Counselling can create a safe and supportive opportunity to lean into whatever may be limiting your sense of freedom and vitality.

“Insight & Awareness lead to better choices and outcomes”

I bring to the therapeutic relationship, many years experience and training in a range of modalities; including Process work, Narrative and Somatic (Body-oriented) Therapy.

Anxiety and Depression have never been more evident in the context of Psychotherapy & Counselling - particularly in these times of covid as well as financial and political instability.

My work is trauma-informed, making space to support strategies which encourage the ability to down-regulate over-stimulated nervous systems. These can include breathwork, mindfulness and TRE exercise, which allow the body to tremor to release stored tension .

Power exists in all relationship dynamics, including our internal dialogue. Process Oriented Psychology helps to bring awareness to these troubled waters - whether  related to issues associated with racism, sexism and homophobia or within the framework of personal relationship.

Men’s issues can be associated with  the roles and responsibilities that influence our concept of being a man, the notion of masculinity and the pervasive nature of patriarchy. Seeing our issues in the light of a broad worldview can be both relieving and enlightening, moving towards a shift in our habitual patterns of behaviour.

As a gay man I have found the expanding conversation around LGBTIQA+, gender identity and sexual orientation continue to grow as I welcome these client groups into my practice.

I remain committed to my own Personal Growth journey, which includes many spiritual, philosophical and psychological pathways, with an overarching sense of unity and connection to Source. My background is  Jewish, as well as being influenced by many Eastern philosophies, meditation techniques and mindfulness practices.

While Psychedelic-assisted therapy remain illegal in this country, I am enthusiastically informed about these developments. Integration is a vital tool in the context of working with Psychedelics and I provide support for those who seek the benefit of integrating their experience.


Certified  ACA Supervisor  (Australian Counselling Assoc) providing supportive opportunities to expand Counsellors and Psychotherapists capacity to deliver meaningful results to your clients.


Certified Mediator (Mediation Institute) assisting both corporate, business and personal relationships to hear one another and move towards meaningful, sustainable agreements.



Online, phone and face-to-face options available

Fee: $125 per hour



Online, phone and face-to-face options available

Fee: $125 per hour


Mediation - Couples, Corporate, Community

by negotiation


Specialist Options:


Pandora Star

Healing Sound Bath

Tarot Psychology

DIP: Deep Immersion Practise



Randwick & Surry Hills

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Kim is artful in the way he navigates the entanglement of moments in the thoughts and emotions that make up  our individual human experience. His spiritual understanding to reach out and tug on the fabric of reality we surround ourselves with. He guides you through turmoil with authentic attention and care, underpinned with pin-point precision that funds what always seems like the most important thing to focus on in the moment. I feel like I started to fix problems, but I continue to learn things about myself and life I never knew I needed to know. 

Brendan, 32

I am in my early 60's.  Having majored in psychology, and experienced psychological and psychiatric sessions, Kim stands out as a remarkable therapist and healer.  In some extraordinary way, he is able to connect with the needs of the patient, not 'what the textbook says'.  His care, kindness and understanding of the 'patient's pain' is balanced by respectful challenges and confrontations, which are essential if substantive healing is to occur.    Thanks to Kim's brilliant work, I went from planning my suicide to now looking forward to the coming years.  An extraordinary practitioner who has realised the power to heal. 

Paul, 62

Testimonial from 17 y.o. lesbian with long history of gender dysphoria, suicidality, self-harm and depression

In the past, I have worked with dozens of professionals, yet I never felt that my situation was changing or that I was moving forward. After being released from a psychiatric ward, I was referred to Kim by my psychologist. Hesitant at the time, I began to arrange weekly sessions, without much hope of things being different with him than the others. For the first few weeks, I would go to the sessions to make my parents feel safe and happy. But, after these few quirky weeks, I began learning things from Kim to help me handle hardships in my everyday life. I was able to open up to him as I would do with a close friend. After I started seeing Kim, I’d never felt so invigorated. He is not the typical psychologist. We’d do creative tasks and exercises in order to role play different parts of myself, helping me change things for the better. Every session, he’ll ask what I want to work on this week, allowing me to take responsibly of my life and my issues. I started to feel completely comfortable in his presence and began making tremendous progress for the first time. I finally felt that there was a future ahead of me and that I could make it through these hard times. I’d felt safe, supported and somewhat happy for the first time in years. I’d finally found someone who I felt wanted to help me and not just fix the problem. We were able to role play my different internal thoughts and how to challenge them in order to not allow them to take over me like they've done in the past. Kim's unique approach allowed me to feel comfortable and trustworthy of him. I can honestly sat that Kim has changed my life and I wouldn't be here without him. He allowed me to see myself getting through this and to look forward to the future I desire. Kim is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with or even met and I am eternally grateful to have found him

Kylie, 17

“Kim has an engaging style that helped me to learn more about myself and how to change stuff that was tricky”

John, 26

“He seemed to make the most complicated situations, seem to have a simple message that I could take home and apply in my every-day life.”

Steven, 42

“I immediately felt a sense of calm, that made it easy to talk about whatever.”

Stephanie, 30

“His work with sexuality and intimacy is definitely at the leading edge of anything that is around.”


Heath, 32

“I felt held by a big heart, and given the strength to stand up and be counted.”

Patricia, 63

“It was great that we could develop some practical strategies to address my concerns. I think the homework was as important as our session times.”

Grant, 34

“I felt like he was ‘real’, that he knew what I was talking about because he could also relate - unlike some therapists who seem a bit above it all.”

Jordan, 46

“I was surprised how much fun we had. He has a disarming creative style that really makes a difference.”

James, 28

“What a relief to find someone I felt comfortable with, who seemed to understand me better than I know myself, and could give me the courage to make some changes.”

Malcolm, 56

“If you want to make some changes, then Kim is your man. He has a sensitive and insightful mind, which can really shift the way you see things.”

Kathy, 51

He's a bit unconventional - but well worth it.

Adam, 28