About me

“Increased awareness leads to better choices and improved outcomes.”

I am a generalist Psychotherapist working with Anxiety, Depression, Adolescents, Diversity, Relationship, Sexuality, Addiction, Spirituality and Life purpose.

I love my work. I see it as a privilege to engage with people in aspects of their lives which hold the strongest “charge”, the greatest disturbance, and the deepest mysteries…

With over 30 years experience in this field, I have become fascinated by the value of open-hearted curiosity in deepening clients’ ability to address the challenges in meaningful ways.

Process Work developed by Dr. Arny Mindell and David Whyte’s Narrative Therapy are the primary influences in my approach.

Process Work suggests there is a dreaming process behind all our experience, which often contain polarities - opposing fields of information. These can be unpacked, leading to insight that emerges from the essence of our being. We are also invited to value disturbance as a guide to deepening awareness, and to develop the faculty of leaning into discomfort, rather than avoid it.

Narrative Therapy reminds us that all our experiences have been shaped in the context of the stories we tell ourselves to make meaning of the events and situations of our lives. We are invited to notice what has informed these narratives, and consider alternatives that may better serve our overall health and well-being.

Ken Wilbur’s “A Brief History of Everything” suggests a move beyond abrupt revolutionary changes in our behaviour, in favour of a “transcend and include” approach, which is more respectful of our history and often more sustaineable in the ecology of our psychological process.

Most recently I have delved into the work of Peter Levine in his seminal work, “In A Silent Voice”. All of us deal with elements of trauma to varying degrees. His work acknowledges the animal kingdom, which has many efficient strategies for addressing trauma. Together with his own clinical experience, he has developed a more nuanced approach to healing trauma, which can prove highly effective.

My specialists areas include Sexuality and World Work:

Sexuality: Ranging from individual and relational issues, negotiating consent, sexual function, sexual orientation across the gender spectrum, gay and transgender.

World Work: Addresses power differentials inherent in obvious issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and also many more nuanced dynamics which inhibit one’s personal agency - the ability to negotiate for what you want. This work is system-driven and often  calls on strong facilitation and a willingness to slow things down, in order to develop sustaineable and effective strategies. It can operate in group forums and can be very relieving in the context of individual client’s challenges.

Jewish saying:"It is not for us to complete the task, nor may we desist from starting”- Pirkei Avot (Ancestors’ Wisdom)