Gay & Gender


As a gay man, I have inevitably attracted a strong gay client base, addressing a broad range of issues - from sexuality to identity, addiction to relationship issues.

  • Increased vitality and sense of purpose
  • More satisfying and fulfilling sex
  • Sense of community
  • Connect with “Two Spirit” Narrative


  • Shame and Self-esteem
  • Addiction/Compulsion: Drug Use, Sex Addiction, Internet -
  • Pornography and App Use
  • Seeking Relationship
  • Addressing Challenges of being in Relationship
  • Co-Dependence
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Trauma & Abuse (including Domestic Violence)


The shifting face of "queer" culture is constantly evolving and thus we find their is a broad umbrella of sexual orientation, same-sex attraction that has softened the edges of its identity. This can be both liberating and confusing.

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I belong?
  • How do I navigate my relationship with the world?
  • Do I fit in?


My practise welcomes folk who may identify as gender fluid, transgendered, male, female, or any of the range of ways people choose to explore their sense of self, their relationship with their bodies, and their impulses to connect with others.

Wherever your curiosity, passion or impulses lead you, can include challenges including physical, psychological and psycho-social shifts in identity, gender and sexual orientation. My work provides a supportive space to settle, while taking time to strategise ways of navigating the world with more poise, less mind-noise, and greater awareness of the range of influences which may be impacting on your experience. My work can also include paying attention to aspects of Embodiment & Presence, while maintaining an engaged relationship with sensation and mindfulness.


Transgender in all its gender-variant expressions can present a range of concerns or challenges which can benefit from professional support. I have been engaged with transfolk for many years and value the contribution to our cultural conversations around diversity and identity.


There are many aspects to the process of transition, ranging from dealing with the medical profession to emotional and sexual matters, particularly in relation to shifting body image and sexual orientation.