A Kaleidoscopic View of the Therapeutic Process

I sometimes imagine that our lives are structured in a similar style to a Kaleidoscope, where one finds a variety of objects of differing shape and colour which can be moved around and re-configured. This can be compared with our life experiences which build and develop over time. Some can tend to get “stuck” in a particular pattern, while others fall into a jumble of chaos. It can be helpful to explore the nature of the patterns as they emerge, as well as considering where there is room for adaptation and change. We are then able to look through the kaleidoscopic portal and notice that our perspectives and worldviews are in a process of metamorphosis in which we can be both “subject” and “object”. As we develop the “witness”, we become more able to reflect on our everyday unfolding, as well as those more established narratives from our earlier history. Introspection and skilful guidance and support, can call forth previously unconsidered strategies that help us move forward with more resilience, creativity and grace.