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VIVID Aboriginal Ancestry

How can Aboriginal Culture integrate its 60,000 year old heritage Vivid is on in Sydney. It is a spectacle of light in the most popular spaces in the city, highlighted by the lighting of the sails of our iconic Sydneuy Opera House.  I went to see Bengarra Indigenous Dance Company in their latest production, Terrain,…

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Centrality, Facilitation & Eldership

Centrality means you have the Central Position within a group, at a given moment. Primarily this relates to the person who is holding the attention of the group, either by speaking or performing of some sort. It is important to develop ever-increasing awareness of Centrality – whether it is assigned to you or others. Increased…

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3 Approaches to Erotic Engagement: Relating, Trance, Role

Did you ever have the most amazing sex and then find your partner was disappointed because you just “went for it” and didn’t look at them? This can be the cause of tension,conflict and even break-up, when the real issue is the differing ways we are oriented regarding relationship. Relating, Trance and Role are the…

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